Who We Are

Your partner of choice, where outsourcing is a key enabler for performance improvement

Client engagement and satisfaction are crucial in defining the success of a business relationship. We are a team of passionate professionals who strive to make your business processes more efficient and effective. With our BPM solutions, we help organizations manage their business functions through robust, sustainable and scalable processes. Our blend of youth and experience, expertise, technology and service orientation ensures that you get the outcomes you look for when you choose us as your delivery partner for managed services.

Our BPM services enable businesses to evolve, achieve maturity, become more productive and drive better customer satisfaction. Whether you are a mid-sized organization looking for a partner who understands your context and anticipates your needs, or a large corporation that wants to outsource niche, non-standard processes, we help you focus your attention on your strategic objectives and goals. Our client-centric partnering approach ensures continual improvement over a period with the flexibility to scale up or down based on the business requirement.


Designed to deliver business impact

Ethics and Values

Many may do what we do, but few can do how we do

Because the experience of a service has a bigger business impact than the mere metrics of the service

Going beyond SLAs

Processes that deliver reliable and consistent performance release creativity, energy and time to innovate and improve the way we deliver

Operational Excellence

We take care of our people; they take care of our clients


Over 55 years of professional services and consulting gives our delivery a service and solutions orientation

Our heritage

Market Segments

Because one size cannot fit all.

Your one-stop solution partner

With over 10 years of experience in helping global corporates and SMEs alike with bespoke BPM solutions, we have the capabilities needed to make outsourcing a key enabler for performance improvement.

The non-core of businesses forms our core, and as a team of industry experts we ensure that businesses experience consistent efficiency and effectiveness. By relying on our integrity and teamwork, our leadership allows businesses to pursue and achieve excellence.

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