Market Segments

Mid-sized Companies

Mid-sized corporates often have the same reasons as large companies to outsource their finance and accounting (F&A) functions. At times, the need is even more acute because of staffing reasons, i.e., the ability to attract and retain talent, the lack of bandwidth to train people, and leverage technology adequately. While these companies are aware of the outsourcing model, they hesitate to take the leap because they require someone to handhold them throughout the change management process.

Nexdigm (SKP) is the partner you need. We are big enough to deliver but small enough to care. We understand that each organization has its own culture and character. Our solutions are designed keeping this in mind. While it is important to do the right thing, it is equally important to do it right, so that you get the outcomes you are looking for. We work with you at every step of the transition process, right from establishing and articulating the business case, identifying the processes that can be outsourced and those that should remain close to the business, identifying and assessing the risks, and how to mitigate them, creating the transition roadmap, implementing it and setting up the governance processes.


Fast-growth Companies

Fast growth companies are at an exciting stage of their lifecycle. As they ride the wave of opportunity and there is an urgency and speed in the execution of strategy. The leadership’s focus is on growth drivers, almost to the exclusion of the other aspects of management. Support functions typically struggle to keep pace, and although they are non-core functions, they are nevertheless critical tasks.

Nexdigm (SKP)’s managed service is the perfect enabler for such companies. What is non-core for you is the core for us. We help set up processes that allow for flexibility, agility, and scalability and also have the necessary controls in place to make them robust. We take care of your day-to-day transactional work, month closes, compliances, and reporting so that your lean in-house team is free to focus its energies and attention to provide business support and controllership.


Large Corporates

Large corporates often have stable and well-established processes large enough to be dealt with by a captive shared service operation. However, even such organizations may find that there are certain processes that need to be handled differently, for example, processes that do not lend themselves to automation or do not have sufficiently large volumes or those that require specialized skill sets not usually associated with large volume delivery. Processes where the stakeholders’ service experience is important or processes involving different stakeholders with conflicting needs are also those that often need to be looked at by specialists like us.

Our strong grounding in business process management, and consulting approach enables us to understand your requirement and tailor a solution for such niche processes. Our commitment and discipline in execution ensure that you get the desired results.

With business becoming increasingly global, international expansion is becoming a necessity for survival and growth. Establishing subsidiaries and branches in different countries brings its own management and administrative demands and challenges. Corporate or regional headquarters need to manage the dispersed teams remotely, making it hard to coordinate activities and timetables, hire, train, motivate and retain staff, ensure uniform interpretation and implementation of policies and processes. Each country has an array of laws dealing with taxation, employment, and social security, corporate reporting and filing, and a host of other compliances.

With over 55 years of experience delivering professional services to clients from across the world, Nexdigm (SKP) can provide a single-window solution for managing the accounting, reporting, and compliances of your overseas entities, allowing you to concentrate on expanding your business and increasing your geographic footprint.

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