Process Consulting

In a fast-changing, dynamic business environment, processes often lag business growth. Whether the growth is organic or through acquisitions, in existing markets or from an expanding geographic footprint, management attention is rightly focused on getting the strategy right and implementing it quickly.

There is also the phenomenon of ‘process decay,’ when processes lose their effectiveness over time. This happens when processes do not change with the changing needs of the business. This gets compounded when people within the organization get trapped into the procedural aspects, losing sight of the intent behind each step in the process and more importantly, the objectives of the process as a whole. Process compliance then becomes lax and important control activities are performed as mere ‘tasks.’

Non-core processes often remain largely manual and person dependent. ERP implementations do encompass support functions, but these may be ‘plain vanilla’ implementations that do not leverage the full functionality available in the ERP. Perhaps process automation and fully exploiting your ERP’s functionality is what you need to transform the way processes are run, thereby bringing dramatic efficiencies that cut cost and turnaround times.

Whatever your situation, we can rejuvenate your processes.

We are passionate about performance improvement. Our approach to process consulting is simple. We understand your business and your organizational context and look at your processes with a fresh pair of eyes. We use common sense and supplement it with the right tools to design a solution that is right in your context and is implementable. We document the processes, train your team, and hand hold them during a period of ‘hyper-care’. Our approach is collaborative, thereby facilitating change management and ownership of the ‘to-be’ process. Through periodic reviews, we provide an independent check on process compliance and more importantly, ensure that processes remain relevant and lean.

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