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Global Capability Centers (GCC) have evolved from cost generators to strategic business enablers and value generators. A GCC goes through various stages in its life cycle.

During the initial stage, the majority of transactional activities, headcount, and budgets are off-shored under local governance with the aim of cost reduction. As GCCs grow over time, there is an increase in demand for service and for talent. Companies then shift from focusing exclusively on cost reduction towards increasing service standards and improving efficiencies. Finally, GCCs transform into Global Integrated Business Service centers and in this form they take onus of all cross-functional transactional activities. But, their objectives go beyond improving operational efficiencies to now include an added responsibility of creating value and innovating new solutions.

Nexdigm has a robust methodology that systematically assesses all processes in the context of your business and its specific. We then identify what aspects should to be handled as core business activities and what can be consolidated into a GCC to optimize resource utilization, deliver improved service levels at a lower cost, etc. Our ability to handle multilingual transactions can help you build a truly global GCC set-up.

You can also choose the engagement model that best suits your needs.

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GCC Webinar Series

GCC Session 1 - GCCs in India: Enhanced resilience during the pandemic

GCC Session 2 - Key operating models and How to build Cyber-resilient GCC operations

GCC Session 3 - Catalyze transformations and take advantage of multi-functional GCCs

GCC Session 4 - Role of technology in virtual migration, transformation, and governance of a GCC

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